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The ICGS has established linkages and academic association; and offers guidance and training to over 300 educational institutions and 60 Universities in different parts of the world. The most prominent among them are: -


Martin Luther King Institute of Nonviolence at Florida;


Centre for Global Nonviolence (Hawaii);


Rode Island University (USA);


Gandhi Canadian Foundation for World Peace in Edmonton (Canada);


First Nations Assembly (Vancouver) etc.


Tammasat University, Bangkok


Gandhi Ashram, Pitsburgh


University of Cyprus


Anti War front, Sri lanka


Nonviolence conference, Palestine


TFF, Sweden


Melbourne Academy of Knowledge Management (Australia)

Gandhi Afro Asian Foundation (Kenya)

King-Lithuli Centre of Conflict Management (Johannesburg)

Indira Gandhi National Open University (New Delhi, India)

Vardhamana Mahaveer Open University (Rajasthan, India)

S.N. Institute of Business Management (Ranchi University, India)

Gandhi Global Forum (New Delhi, India)

V.K.Krishnamenon College (Mumbai, India)

M.K.University (Madurai, India)

Gandhigram University (Gandhigram, India)

Calicut University (Keral, India)

Jain Viswabharati University (Rajasthan, India)

Maharashtra Institute of Technology and Science (Pune, India)

Shobhit University (Meerut, India)

Institute of Oreintal Philosophy (Tokyo)

Soka University (Tokyo)




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