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93. Satyagraha as an Alternative to War and Violence(Discussion at Tokyo with a group of researchers from Tokyo University)

94. Satyagraha as an alternative to War and Violence (Discussion at Tokyo with a group of researchers from Tokyo University)

95. Is there no other way than armed conflicts?: the imperatives of a search for Nonviolent Future. (Anti War Front, Colombo, Srilanka)

96. From Conflicts to Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Rebuilding: Lessons from South Africa. (Anti War Front, Colombo, Srilanka)

97. Dialogue-Based Processes as Vehicles for Peace building (Anti War Front, Colombo, Srilanka)

98. 4th  Student Peace Lecture (Singapore Management University)

99. Religious Values and Principles that Conduce Towards the Struggle for Global Justice and Peace’(Malaya University)

100. Religious Critiques of Violence (Harmony Centre, Singapore)

101. Peace through Engaged Humanism -  A Time to Dialogue (SGM Selangor Culture Centre)

102. Dialogue as Power (University of Nicosia)

103. Humanitarian Angle of Conflicts (University of Nicosia)

104. Gandhian Perspectives on a Possible Solution on the Cyprus Problem (University of Cyprus)

105. Satyagraha for Self Discovery (Hotel Millenium, Dubai)

106.The Power of Dialogue in Conflict Management for Sustainable Development, Florence City Hall, Italy. 

107.Forgiveness and Reconciliation essential attributes of Human Happiness.  University of Naples, Italy.

108.Gandhi, King and Ikeda as harbingers of Nonviolent Human Revolution, Central Hall, Vatican city, Italy.

109.Lessons form The Satyagraha of Gandhi and the Human Revolution of Ikeda, SGI Cultural Hall, Rome.

110.Teachers as Peace Builders (DAV School, Chandigarh) 




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