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In such a situation, can the citizens remain unconcerned, leaving protection of civilians and their properties to law-enforcing authorities of the State? Should not the citizens also join the efforts of law-enforcing authorities and help protection of lives of innocent citizens? The public also has a big role to play in an emergency. We are in an emergency that terror and violence have assumed such shape that national, massive and well-orchestrated initiatives need to be undertaken in the wake of the emerging and frightening situation in the country.


What we hear from almost all parts of the world is the deliberate manipulation of religious, communal, ethnic and political feelings to rouse tension from which a very few who deliberately promote violence openly and those who lurk behind the curtain make gains. These forces pose severe threats to systems, in a hitherto unknown dimension


Violence of different sorts largely dominate the general scenario sending shock waves all around. Mass killings, rioting and destruction of other’s property at the slightest provocation seems to have become the order of the day. Very few countries can claim to be free from this scourge




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