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The organizing committees was unanimous that the campaign should continue and a Foundation named Missionaries of Nonviolence Foundation be registered under the Societies Act in order to give an organizational frame to the movement and which will be more appealing to the public. Consequently on 26th April, 2006 Missionaries of Nonviolence was incorporated as a registered body under the Indian Societies Act.



To encourage those who have faith in nonviolence as an effective tool to promote peace to become Missionaries of Nonviolence and promote peace, harmony and goodwill.


To work to ensure a violence-free society by recognizing violence and tension as dangerous to progress and well being of the society.


To further and promote the way of life as reflected in lives, precepts and practices of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Khan Abdul Ghaffer Khan and similar champions and votaries of nonviolence


To promote and propagate the acceptance by people, the principle of truth and nonviolence in the context of social, national and international affairs


To undertake and organize campaigns, projects, educational and awareness creation programmes to highlight the harm violence creates in personal and public life.


To encourage people to look for alternative disputes mechanism and nonviolent conflict resolution.


To encourage out-of-court settlement of disputes and promote peaceful negotiations to settle differences of opinion.


To involve educational institutions, social activists, NGO’s and others to take study of violence and help them to strive to propagate nonviolence as a life mission.


To establish a centre or centres of study and research in Gandhian thoughts, nonviolence conflict management with special reference to the principles of nonviolence.


To publish journals, books, booklets, literature and such other communication media materials for the propagation of objectives of the foundation.


To establish and maintain contacts between institutions and persons in India and abroad working to promote Satya (Truth) and Ahimsa (Nonviolence).


To provide for the training of selected persons in Shantisena, Nonviolent Conflict Management, Counselling, Out of Court Settlement of Disputes etc.


To collect and keep for study literature on the various aspects of Shanti (Peace), Satya (truth) and Ahimsa (nonviolence) and to encourage the creation of a group of thinkers and writers on these subjects.


To receive contributions, donations from public and seek funds from Government and Nongovernmental Agencies and Departments for programmes and projects. Director




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