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The ultimate aim of education is to produce good human beings, men and women of character. This is possible only if there is a meaningful input of human values in the process of the development of young people. The traditional sources of this input, the school, the home and the environment have unfortunately ceased to be the active generators of positive values due to distortions that have crept into these systems.


With examinations oriented education system, shrinking vocational avenues and high competition for higher education and job opportunities, tension and depression have taken over the younger generation in place of pleasantness and creative attitudes.


With the changeover to the nuclear family set-up and the pressure of existential problems, the parents get too little time to help the children to ease their tensions and solve their problems. The environment, on the other hand, is completely under the grip of television and other mass media that have shut their eyes to the attitudes in the minds of the younger generation. Character and the moral fabric of the society are the biggest causality in this situation and that should rightly agitate the mind of all those who care for our nation and the society.


Children and youth need to be helped to ease pressure and anxiety, reduce aggressive traits and negative inputs, and encourage positive thinking and healthy attitudes to overcome difficult situations.


With this background efforts are afoot to open Centres (Shanti Kendras) in Schools. This will be a joint programme in active association of school authorities, Parent-Teacher Associations and local government and non-government bodies.


Through these Shanti Kendras, we endeavor to help train children and youth in:


·Value of silence

·Yoga for concentration

·Group activities for confidence building

·Individual focused efforts to enhance communicative competence

·Leadership and self-management

·Generate love of nature

·Further the concept of My School/My Community

·Enhance inter personal relations and promote dialogue leading to the involvement of children and youth in Peace building , peace-making and emerge active Missionaries of Nonviolence.


The activities of the Peace Centres(Shanti Kendras) in each of the institution will be supervised by a Committee consisting of representatives of Indian Council for Gandhian Studies, School/College Management, PTA and the local body.


While Indian Council for Gandhian Studies will make available trained and experienced resource persons and supporting material, the PTA/School Authorities will ensure proper implementation of the programme in the respective institution.


Revival of Gandhi's Peace Brigade (Shanti Sena) and encouraging people's initiatives for social justice 

Training in Shanti Sena on a regular basis.


Training and orientation programmes to teaches and mothers, public servants, police personnel, public relations personnel in nonviolent leadership.


Organising youth activities at local and national level with the aim of instilling values, attitude leading to the behavioral change and confidence among the youth along nonviolent lines has been one of the areas of concentration of the Institute.


Media Watch Group: Media Watch Groups are being setup to monitor and document atrocities on "women. The All India Women s Commission, Samatwam and Gandhi Media Centre are collaborating with GRINS in this initiative. A Newsletter, 'Sthreeshabdom) is being published by the Gandhi Media Centre.


Multi-pronged and sustained and serious efforts are necessary to keep this going.


The focus of the present campaign is


Family :   Encouraging families to pledge against  violence and enroll as Missionaries of Nonviolence In the first phase, namely in Tamilnadu, Pondichery and Kerala a total number of 1,67,000 families have been reenrolled.

Media Watch Group : A Media Watch Group to monitor violence against women has been formed. It has started its activities—a news letter has also been published.

Children and nonviolence : In order to highlight the thought : “What future are we giving to our children” one hundred and thirty efforts are under way to open Peace Centres in Kerala  as a pilot project.

Workshops on Conflict Resolution : Six workshops on Nonviolent Conflict Resolution techniques were held in different parts of India.

Involving spiritual & Religious leaders: Efforts are being made to ensure the support of spiritual and religious leaders in the activities.

Training and orientation of functionaries : The G.Ramachandran Institute of Nonviolence has designed appropriate programmes to offer training to the various functionaries associated with nonviolent social change initiatives.

Literature Campaign : In order to facilitate production & distribution of literature at affordable prices and encourage reading habits the Gandhi Media Centre is designing appropriate strategies in this regard.

Writers Forum for Harmony : Realizing the vital role writers could play in awareness creation and influencing people’s minds and attitudes, a core group of writers has been formed under the aegis of Writers Forum for Harmony

Working Group of DoP  : A core group of four persons are working out the details of widening and strengthening the efforts to persuade the Government of India to set up a Department of Peace in the Union Cabinet. Members of Parliament, opinion Makers, Journalists and former diplomats are being approached to support us in this.

Abolition of death-penalty : Abolition of death penalty is an important step in the work towards the emergence of a violence-free society. Gandhi’s India should show the world by abolishing death penalty.

Citizens for Human Rights  : Activities under the aegis of the National  Organization for Human Rights have also been strengthened. 




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