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1. The Philosophy of Satyagraha ( Jain Viswabharati University, Ladnun, Rajasthan)
2. Satyagraha for Empowerment of Self (Kurukshetra University )
3. Satyagraha: an Eternal Verity (Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi)
4. Satyagraha - the Triumph of the Spiritual Over Materialism (Rajeev Gandhi Institute for Rural Development, Tirupati)
4. Satyagraha Against Human Rights Violations ( Gandhigram Rural University)
5. Satyagraha as a Quest for Truth (Gandhi Media Centre, Marappalam, Trivandrum )
6. Satyagraha as an Antidote to Terrorism  (Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi)
7. Satyagraha to Counter Violence Against Women  (Vaishnav College for Women, Chennai)
8. Satyagraha Ideals in the Indian Constitution (Indian council of social science research and Punjab University )
9. Neo colonialism & Nonviolence (Dev Samaj Women’s College, Chandigarh)

10.The importance of the Centenary of Satyagraha fMani Bhavan, Bombay )
11.Gandhi and Challenges of the 21st century (Kerala Hindi Prachar Sabha,Trivandrum)
12.The Sarva Dharma Samabhav Ideal of Gandhi(Malavya Centre for Conflict Studies and Peace Banares Hindu University)
13.Challenges Before Gandhian Institutions (Gandhi Bhavan, Chandigarh)
14.Gandhi’s Nai-Talim Revisited (St. Laurence Higher Secondary, Nasik )
15.Challenges Before Indian University System (Rajeev Gandhi Institute for Rural Development, Tirupati)
16.Education for the 21st century (South Asian Solidarity, Tirupati)
17.The Teacher in the Cyber Age (Mahatma Gandhi Vidyapeed, Neyyattinkara)
18.The Millennium Development Goal & Indian Education 
(Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi)
19.University as Nation-Builders ( Rotary Club, Trivandrum )
20.Community Peace Centers in Educational Institutions (Gandhigram RuralUniversity, Madurai)
21.What kind of Society do we Gift to our Children? (Gandhigram Rural University)
22.Champions of Nonviolence (1) — Prof.  Paige (Centre for Media Studies, Trivandrum )
23.Champions of Nonviolence (2) — Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan (Centre for Media Studies, Trivandrum)
24.Champions of Nonviolence (3) — Vinoba, the Spiritual Heir to Gandhi (Centre for Media Studies, Trivandrum)
25.Champions  of Nonviolence (4)  — The Ever-increasing role of Acharya Mahapragya in Spreading Nonviolence (Jain Viswabharati, Rajasthan)
26.Champions of Nonviolence (5) — Kingian Nonviolence and Gandhi (Centre for Media Studies, Trivandrum)
27.Champions of Nonviolence (6) — Dialogue, Human Revolution and Dr. Daisaku Ikeda ( Indira Gandhi Centre for Arts, New Delhi )

28.Centres of Higher Education and their Social Responsibilities(Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidya Peedom )
29.The Melody of Peace - Children Realize Gandhi Through Creative Dramatics  (Rangaprabhat, Trivandrum)
30.Satyagraha and Volunteerism (Gandhi Darshan Kendra, Chennai)
31.Satyagraha and New Challenges (Press Club, Bombay)
32.Gandhian Development Perspectives in the Globalized Context(Government College, Nedumangadu)
33.Peace Education for Development (NCERT, New Delhi)
34.The Role of Teachers in Peace Promotion ( NCERT, New Delhi)
35.Teachers as Promoters of Harmony ( Gandhigram Rural University, Madurai)
36.The Spiritual Foundations of Satyagraha ( City Hall, Centre Point, Nagpur)
37.Satyagraha and the Youth of Today ( Yadava College, Madurai)
38.Satyagraha and Contemporary Challenges (Kerala Hindi Pracharsabha)
39.Reinventing Satyagraha ( Jaipur University, Rajasthan)
40.The books that Influenced Gandhi (VK Krishna Menon College, Bombay)
41.Towards Understanding Gandhi (Gandhi Shikshak Sadan, Juhu, Bombay)
42.Centres of Education as Nurseries of Peace and Harmony (Somaiya College of Education, Bombay University)
43.Religious Fundamentalism and Terrorism as Threats to Human Survival(Hindi Prachar Sabha Hall, Ernakulam, Kerala)
44.The Spirituality of  Satyagraha (PartI) (Institute of Development Studies, Kolkotta)
45.The  Spirituality of Satyagraha (Part II) (Institute of Development Studies, Kolkotta)
46.The Spirituality of Satyagraha (Part III) (Institute of Development Studies, Kolkotta)
47.Revisiting Gandhi in the Context of Today’s Challenges(Part I) (Theological College, Bangalore)

48.Revisiting Gandhi in the Context of Today’s Challenges       
(Part II) (Theological College, Bangalore)
49.Revisiting Gandhi in the Context of Today’s Challenges       
(Part III) (Theological College, Bangalore)
50.Gandhian Nonviolence - A Force  more Powerful  
(Gandhi Media Centre, Trivandrum)
51.The Making of the Mahatma - Discussion of Shyam Benegal’s film (Gandhi Media Centre, Trivandrum)
52.I Have Not Killed Gandhi (Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Mara)-Discussion of Anupam Kher’s Film ( Rajasthan University, Jaipur)
53.Gandhi - Attenborough’s Film ( Rajasthan University )
54.Gandhian Strategies of Conflict Management ( Kota Open University )
55.Gandhian Strategies of Conflict Management ( Kota Open University)
56.What Kind of India do we Gift to our Children? ( Peace Palace, Rajsamond Rajasthan )
57.Satyagraha as an Alternative to Terrorism (Workshop with Teacher Trainees, Trivandrum)
58.100 years of Nonviolence: A Journey Through Three Select Gandhi Films, Town Hall, Bangalore 
59.“Making of the Mahatma” – Lessons from the Film
60.“A Force More Powerful” – Discussion of the issues
61.“Lage Raho Munna Bhai” – Active nonviolence in practice.
62.Satyagraha and Message of Social Harmony (Rajeev Gandhi National Institute of Youth Training, Sri Perumpudur, Tamilnadu)
63.100 Years of Nonviolence: A Journey through Five Select Gandhi Films (Terapanth Vidyalaya, Chennai)
64.“The Making of the Mahatma”- An artist’s interpretation of Gandhi’s life in South Africa (Terapanth Vidyalaya, Chennai)
65.“Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara”- A psychological study of the guilt  in an individual’s character. (Terapanth Vidyalaya, Chennai)
66.“A Force More Powerful”- Nonviolent resistance in various parts of the World. (Terapanth Vidyalaya, Chennai)
67.“Lage Raho Munna Bhai” – Active Nonviolence in daily life. (Terapanth Vidyalaya, Chennai)
68.“Gandhi” – The astute political strategist.   (Terapanth Vidyalaya, Chennai)
69.The Cross-roads   of  Poverty,   Insurgencies   and   Development-the Indian Predicament (Atheist Centre Vijayawada)
70.Economics of Nonviolence and Mahapragya(Centre for Experiential Learning,  Madurai)
71.Satyagraha  and Human Transformation (Centre for Experiential Learning, Madurai)
72.Teachers as Promoters of Nonviolence (GR Publich School, Neyyattinkara)
73.Terrorism, Satyagraha and Compassion (Gandhi Square, Calcutta)
74.Satyagraha and Value Creation (Kendriya Vidyalaya, Trivandrum)
75.What do we Learn from September 11? (Gandhi Bhavan, Trivandrum)
76.Towards a violence free India, Role of Arts (Bombay University, Bombay)
77.Restructuring of Education (Gandhi shikshak Sadan, Bombay)
78.The Message from Gandhi’s Hind Swaraj (V.K.Krishna Menon College, East Bhandup, Bombay)
79.Citizen’s Responsibilities in Curbing Violence and Terror (Manibhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya, Bombay)
80.Gandhi and Martin Luther King (Jr.) as prophets of nonviolent social change (Constitution Club New Delhi)




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